I spent my youth in metropolitan areas from North Carolina most of the method to Asia, and although I think I’ve become very well-rounded and culturally sound, I had hardly ever really interacted with farm animals or farmers until We began university at Virginia Tech as an Animal & Poultry Sciences significant.

Farm The Beginning…

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A town slicker’s journey to the realm of Agriculture

About the Blog (& Me Personally)

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I thought I would personally turn into a veterinarian for small animals. Minimal did I know the things I would discover, or the love I’d find for the lifestyle, techniques, individuals and pets involved in f d production.

I’ve been an animal lover. I asked my mom for my first pet when I was 2. A“baby was wanted by me cow”. My mom was baffled. “Why not a kitten or a puppy, Valerie?” “Because Mama, they all are alone in the rain with no one manages them to inside” bring them. Since we relocated a whole lot once I was little, I became never allowed to have real pets. So instead, we gathered snails after it rained and named them.

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