Build a Tinder-Like Swipe UI for Angular/Ionic 4. Tinder’s swiper is a of good use ui component.

Tinder’s swiper is a helpful ui component. Build it for your Angular/Ionic 4 application

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At a level that is high I made the decision to separate the task into four components:

placeholder) template and TS rule with this component, put it in a Ionic app web web page ( by having a switch, that will “load” Tinder cards’ information in to the component.

Therefore, the final final result should appear to be this:

Let’s begin, there was a complete great deal to pay for!

Part 1: Create Initial Templates

Let’s start with forking this StackBlitz’s Ionic 4 template. It offers A website first of all and we’ll include a fresh Angular aspect of it:

As seen through the above, we now have added component that is tinder-ui the template, that will have cards property (we shall implement it within our component utilizing Angular’s Input), in addition to a choiceMade listener. (It’s going to be implemented via Angular’s production).

Plus, we included a button that is simple we shall used to simulate “loading” of cards into our component

Now, let’s stab our tinder-ui component. (We are going to produce three files: tinder-ui-component’s HTML, SCSS, and TS) and include it to home.module.ts :


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Therefore, we just included all the divs and their respectful classes right here, plus included binding towards the root div to cards.length -> making the component that is entire if the card’s length is zero.


Our CSS guidelines can help align all the things and work out it all look appropriate for the swiper.

I will be perhaps not too good with styling so you could have an improved approach right here, particularly if you want to go after a responsive UI. But also for our situation right here, these should really be enough.

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